Pedal Straps vs. Toe Clips – A Detailed Guide To Help You Pick The Right One For Your Needs

Whether you are a professional cyclist or you cycle regularly, you would definitely be interested in a product that will make your cycling experience more enjoyable. If you were told there are accessories that will provide you with a better grip when pedaling, as well as increase your pedaling efficiency, wouldn’t you be curious to know more about those pedaling accessories? This article will discuss the differences between pedal straps vs. toe clips, how they improve pedaling power, and which ones are ideal for you based on your mountain biking goals.

When comparing pedal straps vs. toe clips, each offers unique benefits. Pedal straps are easier to strap on, cheaper, easier to find, good for daily cycle commuting and provide support on both sides of the feet as well as a more controlled grip when pedaling. Toe clips, on the other hand, provide a better grip on the toes, allow the use of regular shoes, are durable, and enable the cyclist to have more control when pedaling.

In this article, we will be talking about toe clips and pedal straps, and how they could provide additional support and control when mountain biking. We will also talk about some of their drawbacks, their durability, and whether they are a good investment for cyclists or not. When you have selected the product that suits your needs, check out our article about how to install pedal straps and toe clips on your bike.  

What Are Pedal Straps?

Different models of pedal straps exist for different types of cycling. It depends on whether you prefer more protection or you want to get a better grip on your pedals. 

Pedal straps are accessories that allow a person to cycle efficiently and have full control over the bike. These straps mainly serve the purpose of protecting the feet and providing them with better grip, enabling the cyclist to move efficiently while increasing the cycling speed. They can be used for all kinds of bikes, and are perfect for casual daily use and commuting. 

These mountain bike pedal straps work by wrapping around the pedal and your feet to provide a more secure grip. This is especially important when cycling on difficult terrain or mountain biking, as they help to keep your feet in place and prevent them from slipping off the pedals.

Choosing between pedal straps vs. toe clips comes down to personal preference and whether pedal straps like this would be more comfortable
Bike pedal straps help to secure your feet to the pedals and improve control when riding on rough terrain. Image Source: Amazon

Also, be sure to read our step-by-step guide explaining mountain bike pedal strap replacement for more detailed information.

What Are Toe Clips? 

A cyclist has several models of toe clips to choose from. The basic design of a toe clip is a cage-shaped protective covering that is fixed to your regular flat pedal. 

Toe clips are accessories that help fix the feet to the pedals. They provide the feet with the essential protection so that one can pedal without them slipping off, and without the need to adjust the feet to the flat pedals regularly. The toe clips provide extra grip and pedaling efficiency. 

If you want to learn about various mountain bike pedals for grip maximization then read our article that discusses the different designs and styles of pedals that are available.

Mountain bike toe clips like these work by securing the front of your cycling shoe. This harness is attached to the front of the pedals and secured with a strap that goes around your feet and through the pedals as explained in our guide to mountain bike toe clip installation and use. The toe clip helps keep your feet in place, which is important when cycling on difficult terrain. For more information about how toe clips provide maximum pedaling efficiency, check out this guide on maximizing pedaling efficiency using toe clips, from the University of Oregon.

Toe clips are typically used on mountain bikes. Mountain bikers should buy either toe clips or clipless pedals because these two kinds are generally more efficient for uphill cycling and power strokes. Read our article explaining the benefits of clipless pedals on a mountain bike for more information about improving your upstroke when riding on steep paths. 

These toe clips are very easy to use and don’t have any constricting straps that go over your feet.
Delta bicycle toe clips provide everyday convenience, comfortable support, and all-weather protection. Image Source: Amazon  

For more detailed information, be sure to read our guide to all of the different types of mountain bike toe clips too. Additionally, our guide to choosing mountain bike toe clip compatible shoes might also be interesting to you. Be sure to check it out for more information.

Advantages and Disadvantages of Pedal Straps vs. Toe Clips

When comparing pedal straps vs. toe clips, each has its own set of advantages and disadvantages. You should know what they are in order to select the product that best suits your needs. 

When comparing pedal straps vs. toe clips, the advantages of pedal straps are that they provide a good grip when tightened correctly, they enable feet to move freely, they are cheaper than other types of pedals, and they are more durable. 

Advantages of Pedal Straps vs. Toe Clips

Pedal straps like these have an advantage over toe clips in that they are a better investment because they are cheaper. They are also easily adjustable and better for day-to-day commuting since they're made of materials that won’t wear out too soon. 

Toe clips have the advantage if you live in a place where there are a lot of hills and you are required to pedal with stronger upstrokes. Toe clips also protect your feet from connecting with hard surfaces and rocky outcrops. You can find out more about possible injuries in this article about cycling Injuries of the lower extremities from the Journal of the American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons.

Advantage 1. Pedal Straps Are Cheaper

Mountain bike pedal straps are cheaper than toe clips for a few reasons. They are typically made of fabric which makes them less expensive to produce. They are adjustable which means that one size can fit multiple foot sizes - again, saving on production costs. And finally, they don't wear out as quickly as toe clips so you won't need to replace them as often.

The price range of mountain bike pedal straps can vary depending on the brand and the quality of the product. However, on average, pedal straps like these usually cost between $15 and $30.

Advantage 2. Pedal Straps Are Easier to Adjust

Pedal straps are typically easier to adjust than toe clips like these. They usually come with a Velcro closure system which makes it easy to tighten or loosen them as needed. This is especially helpful when you need to make on-the-fly adjustments, such as when the terrain changes suddenly.

Pedal straps are also adjustable in terms of the width of the foot that they can accommodate. This is done by simply moving the position of the foot in the pedal strap. Some mountain bike pedal straps even come with an adjustable heel cup so that you can fine-tune the fit even further. Check out our article about choosing pedal straps with heel support for kids.

Advantage 3. Pedal Straps Are More Durable

Mountain bike pedal straps are more durable than toe clips for several reasons. Good pedal straps are typically made of stronger and more durable materials such as nylon or polyester. The adjustable closure system on most pedal straps also makes them less likely to break.

Mountain bike pedal straps can last for years with proper care and maintenance.

When comparing pedal straps vs. toe clips you may want to try these pedal straps because they are convenient and easy to use.
Pedal straps are durable and waterproof. Image Source: Amazon.

Disadvantages of Pedal Straps vs. Toe Clips

Pedal straps have some disadvantages over toe clips in that your feet might accidentally get jammed in the pedal straps which may lead to an accident because they don't break free easily as explained in our article about whether pedal straps are dangerous to use. You can also read about common cycling injuries in this article by the Journal of Sports Medicine. Cheap pedal straps are not recommended for uphill biking since your feet are too loose compared to riding with toe clips and upward pedaling will be hard if your feet get jammed. 

Disadvantage 1. Pedal Straps May Get Jammed

Mountain bike pedal straps can get jammed for a few reasons. They are typically made of fabric that can get caught on the pedal. Additionally, they are adjustable which means that they can move around and, again, get caught on the pedal.

Disadvantage 2. Pedal Straps May Provide Less Power During Uphill Rides

For regular cycling, pedal straps and toe clips both increase pedaling efficiency. However, since pedal straps may get caught on the pedal, this can cause you to lose power during your ride and make it harder to pedal uphill. Loose pedal straps are annoying to fix, repeatedly.

When comparing pedal straps vs. toe clips the latter can help you to pedal up hills with more.
Toe clips like this will provide a more powerful pedaling action up hills. Image Source: RidingWiki.

Disadvantage 3. Pedal Straps Are Not Good for Long-Term Use

Mountain bike pedal straps may not be good for long-term use because they tend to wear out quickly. Cheap pedal straps are constructed of fabric which makes them less durable than toe clips, and the Velcro closure system can easily come loose. Additionally, as stated before, the adjustable fit can cause the straps to become caught on the pedal and this can damage them quickly. However, more expensive pedal strap systems that use nylon or polyester will last longer and are good for long-term use.

If you are deciding between toe clips and pedal straps these toe clips that are attached to clipless pedals could be a reliable way to attach your feet to your pedals.
Both toe clips and clipless pedals are perfect options for rocky terrain. Image Source: Amazon.

When to Choose Pedal Straps vs. Toe Clips

What would improve your ride? Will Pedal Straps Help? Will Toe Clips Help?
Increased uphill speed and power transfer Yes, if you buy durable pedal straps that don’t easily come loose Yes
Increased grip on the pedal Possibly Yes
Cost-effectiveness Cheap pedal straps are extremely cost-effective, but we generally recommend buying the more durable ones  Not really
Avoid accidents Yes, but better quality straps   Yes
Good for long-term usage Yes, but better quality straps would be more durable Yes 
Approximate Prices ~ $15 - $30 ~ $20 - $40
Product Examples Outgeek Bike Pedal Straps
Fyxation Gates Pedal Straps
Zefal Toe Clips
Delta Toe Clips

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